citizen science

Citizen science is for everyone

Get involved in scientific research

Citizen science projects involve volunteers who assist scientists and researchers in gathering data, conducting experiments, or analyzing information. In eWHALE, citizen scientists make valuable contributions by collecting large amounts of data from diverse locations, which would be challenging for scientists to obtain on their own.

Video courtesy of CW Azores, Filmed and Edited by Stefano Ulivi

Participate in eWHALE Citizen Science activities

You can take part in the testing of the e-DNA technology by participating in an outing of one of following whale watching operators:



NORTH SAILING Húsavík, Iceland

Other whale citizen science projects

     1. Marine Citizen Science 

An initiative for the general public to report observations of marine life. A publicly-available database is available for submission of observations.

     2. The Observers App

An application to promote the use of mobile technology to promote the use of mobile technology to provide citizen science recordings of marine megafauna.

     3. CARIB Tails

A citizen science initiative that enlists recreational sailors and cruisers to assist with marine mammal research by photographing the distinct patterns on the tails of humpback whales in their Caribbean breeding grounds.

     4. Pacific Whale Foundation

A network of projects to engage members of the public in scientific data collection for the purpose of monitoring whales, dolphins, and marine debris.

     5. Marine mammals in Belgium

A repository of Belgian observations of live and stranded marine mammals and turtles coordinated by the Royal Belgian Institute of Royal Sciences.

     6. Whale Wise

A public Facebook group for submissions of whale observations around Iceland. These sightings are then added to a public Google map.